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AMP6 Hagg Lane UID

Value £5.8m

Client: United Utilities

Completion: April 2017


The AMP6 Hagg Lane Unacceptable Intermittent Discharge (UID) project commenced on-site in January 2016 and aims to reduce the number of storm spills into the River Keer to ensure compliance with the Shellfish and Bathing Waters directives.

The UID project comprises installation of new sewers within Warton Road, construction of a new spill chamber and sinking of a 3,600m³ storage shaft.

Following additional site investigation at the start of 2016; VolkerGround Engineering installed a circular secant pile wall from ground level down to the rock head. This forms the outside of the shaft and provides ground support to the soft soil overlying the rock. On completion of the pile wall excavation of the shaft, a reinforced concrete liner was installed.

Following extensive community engagement, the new sewer within Warton road has now been completed under an 11 week road closure and the shaft has been excavated to within 2m of the final dig. After completion of the base and roof slab the project completed mid-April 2017.

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