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AMP6 Allonby Water Treatment Works

Value £4.5m

Start: April 2015

Completion: June 2016

C11796 - 9.9 - Allonby Pics - 25-06-16 (5)_1.0 - (12132030)

The scope of works at Allonby Water Treatment Works was to improve bathing waters, reduce spills of untreated sewage and improve the quality of the treated wastewater which is returned to the sea. Along with the community, 193 properties benefited from the works. It was confirmed by DEFRA on 8 November 2016 that the works have improved the quality of the bathing water, taking it from ‘poor’ to ‘sufficient’.

The technical stuff:

  • Installation of a 212m sewer pipe
  • New inlet screens
  • Additional septic and humus tanks
  • A new buried storage tank which is capable of holding 4,000 baths full of
  • An upgraded UV plant to accommodate increased flows (from 5.2 l/s to 10 l/s)
  • A Flow to Full Treatment inlet pumping station providing additional pre-treatment storage
  • Three new manholes on the beach
  • A tidal pumping station replacing the existing gravity system: increasing the flow capacity to outfall, pipelines and ancillary structures

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