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Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

We’re taking an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of some of our operational buildings, in order to save money, reduce our environmental impact and limit customer inconvenience.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) is a process by which products are designed with ease of manufacture and assembly in mind. One common application is the use of prefabrication/off-site pre-assembly methods.

C2V+ and the other United Utilities delivery partners are involved in the development of product libraries that are held centrally. These libraries include details that are instantly re-usable on other projects providing a methodology by which a standardised approach can be applied.

To read our DfMA Solution Summary Data sheet click here

C2V+ successes in the application of DfMA are being tracked using the approach below.


To date, C2V+ has identified DfMA opportunity savings of £2.8m and 315 programme days (August 2016), which relate to the use of prefabricated tanks at Oswestry, Chorley and Hesketh Bank.