About us

Who is C2V+?

C2V+ is a strategic partnership between two innovative engineering and infrastructure firms specialising in the water industry – Jacobs-CH2M and VolkerStevin.

C2V+ was formed in response to the need for fully integrated, end-to-end, infrastructure solutions based on excellence in design. We recognised a need for a partnership that was able to both identify need and optimise delivery.

Our vision is to be a market leader in the water construction industry and to provide innovative solutions and unsurpassed customer service.

Founded in 2014, we are one of four teams that have been appointed to United Utilities’ AMP6 Construction Delivery Partners framework.

Structure of C2V+

A key strength of our partnership is our ability to respond locally and effectively – the right people in the right place at the right time. We enjoy extensive reach-back capabilities from the wider UK, European and worldwide resource pool adding value and resilience when required.

With strategic design and operations offices located in Preston, Warrington, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Glasgow, Krakow and Corvallis, we draw on combined specialist water resources of over 1000+ employees.

We always aspire to be regarded as an integral part of our clients own team’s and wherever possible embed or locate our teams within or close to their offices.  For example, the C2V+ team’s Preston office provides a strong operational base for our contract with United Utilities and other clients in the North West. We are proactively investing in the North West’s economy; supporting local jobs and communities and securing a legacy for the future.

Another key strength of our organisation comes from the combined knowledge and expertise that we have built into this partnership – we draw upon Jacobs-CH2M’s design expertise in the engineering disciplines of: process, civil engineering, hydraulics, structural, mechanical, electrical, ICA, geotechnical, environmental and architectural improvements. And VolkerStevin’s expertise in delivering complex multidisciplinary turnkey design and build programmes and individual projects, providing a combination of bespoke and modular solutions with whole life added value always front and centre.